reclaimed wood

What Can You Do With Reclaimed Wood?

Reclaimed wood is one of the most impactful trends in the DIY world, mostly because of its significant environmental positivity. Using reclaimed wood conserves these necessary natural resources without forcing you to choose to spend more money. In fact, beautiful and natural reclaimed wood projects can actually save you money when compared with mass-produced alternatives. You get all the fun of color variations and pizazz with none of the cheap and inauthentic quality. Even if you do not currently own anything that you could necessarily reclaim, you can easily find reclaimed wood all over the place. From flea markets to garage sales, people are itching to get their wood off their hands.

Build a Unique Bookcase

When you find wood from other abandoned projects or the like, it’s best to take the most interesting looking wood pieces. Planks of wood that have a character end up being much more appealing projects than others. Using planks with grooves, flecks of old finish, and even gouged pieces enables you to truly add a great deal of personality and intrigue to a bookcase. You don’t want the bookcase to look perfect and pristine. Having solid gaps and peculiar spaces adds to the appeal, and it gives you the opportunity to place things other than books inside of the case, making the entire thing decorative.

Create a New Headboard

Pieces of reclaimed wood can be used as a headboard, provided you can find some that are of similar lengths. Having similar widths usually makes the creation process a bit easier, but it is certainly not necessary. You can create an even more eye-catching and dynamic piece with differently sized planks of wood or live edge slabs. Be sure to add a varnish and a sealant to the finished product to prevent splinters and damage. This is particularly important when dealing with a headboard because of the proximity and likelihood of physical contact with the wooden pieces.

Start a Garden

There’s more than one way to create a beautiful garden. By using reclaimed wood to structure different fixtures that have the potential to hold potted plants, you can make an entire garden out of some unique pieces. With a simple wooden chair, you can take the seat out and insert an appropriately sized pot. Then you add intrigue and uniqueness to any outdoor area, and you can start a wonderful garden without as much generic display.

Tips for finding and working with reclaimed wood
Raun Meyn is a third-generation craftsman. His material of choice? Reclaimed wood. He uses it to make desks, tables, dressers, beds, bookcases, accent walls and more, a lot of which can be found in his Chicago home. In this video, Meyn shares tips and tricks for finding and selecting a good piece of reclaimed wood.